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10 x 10

10 x 10Once again we are bringing a very interesting game for those who like puzzles full of strategy and logical reasoning, but in this version the game will involve some luck and the ability of the player to position the blocks in the right place! At the beginning of the game 10 x 10 everything will look very easy since it is only you to position the blocks spread across the board with 100 spaces, that is, 10 pieces horizontally and 10 vertical, so far so good, however the game begins to get difficult when The amount of blocks increases and the blocks themselves begin to lock the game, so if you can not delete a column or row in time you may end up being locked in the middle of the game.

Eliminate all the blocks and clear the game, invite your friends and see who can score more points! The game does not have a limit of play or objective to fulfill, you simply create the plays by positioning the blocks to score points and whoever can score more points will be the great winner of the game.

Best of all is that like in other Mobile Games, in 10 x 10 you can play on any mobile device that has a browser, that is, you can play on your computer, notebook, tablet and even older phones, cool is not it?

10 x 10 is on our list of Logic Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Click and drag the blocks to the chosen position.