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18 Wheels of Steel

18 Wheels of SteelIf you are the son of a truck driver, you should know how difficult it is for a driver who has to face several hours in the chaotic traffic of cities, in addition to facing bumpy roads and uneducated and inexperienced drivers that can cause accidents At any time. There are several truck simulators available on the internet to download and 18 Wheels of Steel is one of the most famous and complete. In the game you can simulate the life of a professional trucker crossing the BR's, cutting states and facing dangers that only a trucker knows.

Robberies, robberies, truck problems, anything can happen and in this game 18 Wheels of Steel could not be different does it? In the game you will have to show that you are a good truck driver and know how to drive it perfectly, your first tests will be on the beacon, where you will have to park the truck in the most varied places always taking care not to beat it is obvious! In total the game 18 Wheels of Steel consists of ten different and super cool stages where we will test everything you know about trucks, then prepare to face a battery of challenges and if at the end to show that it is really good in the truck, then you will be prepared to Drive a real truck, but first make the driver's license of course!

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Control the truck with the arrow keys and use the numeric keys 1 to 5 to change the truck driver\'s view angle.