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    About the Game 3d Movies

    3d Movies GameJéssica is radiant because the 3D movie theater in her home is finally ready and now she even decided to invite her friends to watch a private movie section. But before the friends arrive, she wants to get dressed and look pretty to receive them and because she is a very rich girl, she has a great variety of clothes and so she will need your help to give some fashion tips , Choosing the ideal clothes for the occasion. The first step is to do the hair, which in fact is in need of a repaginada. Then choose the clothes, which should be very comfortable and casual, since Jessica is in your house.

    So choose cotton shirts that can be short-sleeved or even sleeveless. Then choose between jeans or skirt and when this part of the production is ready, it is time to separate some accessories such as: 3D glasses. Then just put on a pair of sneakers and so Jessica will be ready. Because in the 3D movie game, whoever is successful is you! That is why it is very important that you trust your good taste and have fun with another online fashion game.

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