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Banana Kong

Banana KongCome have fun and play a lot with Banana Kong, which is one of the most wanted shoot games of the moment, as it is played on tablet and mobile devices that have Android system. Being that now the novelty is that it is also available to play online and that is why no one can be left out. So be prepared to go through moments of great action and tasting, because in the games of Donkey Kong where you will have to show that it has a perfect aim, to reach its main objective, that is in throwing the bananas of the Donkey monkey within the Baskets To do this, wait for the basket to appear on your computer screen, and then analyze how far it is from the monkey.

So you will have a brief sense of height and space and will know how to calculate the force at the time of launching the banana, which should be a perfect and accurate launch. And as the player hits the baskets, it will guarantee points and with that, new phases will be released in Banana Kong . However try to play right and fast, because in the Game Donkey Kong underneath each basket, there is a red bar, which indicates the time left to play the bananas.

That's why the rule to win this fruit-throwing game online is not to score bananas and throw the bananas straight at the targets to win points and qualify for the next phases, which will be more difficult but much more exciting. Now victory will only depend on you, so show that you are a skilled player, overcoming all the hassles and challenges in the disputed and addictive banana Kong online games for free.

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      Arrows to control the direction of the banana and Spacebar to control the force and throw the banana.