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Candy Crush

Candy CrushCandy Crush is the newest fever of Facebook and other social networks, mainly for its wide spread in online media saying that the game has already passed the mark of Angry Birds in accesses and registrations, the game that is one of the largest online games of all time! Candy Crush is nothing more than a simple game of cracks where you need to join three or more goodies of the same color and style, but the difference of the game is that it has hundreds of different phases and with each new phase new challenges are coming on the scene for you play.

You'll only have four minutes to get through the first stages by putting together three or more equal treats in the same row or column, so focus and strategize to eliminate as many treats as you can get! It is important that you try to eliminate the treats from the bottom of the game, so those who enter higher are more likely to form trios and be eliminated from the game Candy Crush.

Invite your friends to play and see who can score more points in this game which is a round of cracking games for the tops of the sites, starting with Facebook of course! Do not waste time playing Candy Crush on Facebook, enjoy playing our site which is much cooler !! : D  4.15 MB.

Candy Crush is on our list of Trincas Games.


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