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Cheese Lab

Cheese LabCheese Lab that was once only available to be played on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets is now available to be played online on our gaming site. And if you're one of those gamers who loves a challenge, do not miss a chance to guide a hungry little mouse through a laboratory full of platforms and dangers. You will have to be very fast in all your actions to be able to get this mouse to jump on all the platforms of that place without letting it hit the dog that will be stopped in some places. The dog will be very evil and will bite the mouse if it happens to jump on the platform that he is, so stay tuned and help the mouse to jump only on the platforms that are free.

Also do not forget to help the same one to collect all the pieces of cheese that will be scattered around the place. Not to mention that other power ups will be scattered around the place and if you can help the mouse collect them it will get even more boost in your jumps. The more cheeses the mouse collects, the more points you will score and the higher you jump, the more chances you will hit the score scores your friends will have.

So use all of your motor coordination skills to control that mouse over those platforms so you'll do well in this free online mouse game. But remember to be very careful not to let this mouse fall from the platforms, because if this happens to the game you will have to restart from scratch again. So of the best of itself in helping this mouse to climb on the platforms of this laboratory so that besides the mouse is well fed you will still be entertaining a lot through this game.  2.37 MB.

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