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Cupcakes by Sarah

Cupcakes by SarahHalloween is over, but how about start training to prepare delicious Halloween CupCakes? It's interesting to start training now especially if you do not know how to cook or prepare cakes because as soon as your Halloween comes back your recipe will already be delicious and who knows until then you will already be making other types of cakes and cupcakes! In this game you will be Sarah's helper in one of Sarah's famous cooking games, to prepare the recipe perfectly you will have to show that you are a good cook, but you will need to pay attention to all the tips the cook will provide you.

Look closely at the white balloon that appears at the top of the game, it will guide you about what objects and ingredients should be used throughout the game. Start by mixing a few ingredients, then use the electric mixer and other tools to prepare the dough carefully so you put it in the forms and take it to the oven until it is in place.

In the last stage of Sarah's cupcakes game we will decorate them with a lot of creativity and care paying attention to every detail and trying to follow to the maximum all the tips that Sarah gives us. When the CupCakes decoration is ready, it is only to serve and find out if the taste is good or not, but who will be the guinea pigs that will taste? Invite your parents and show them everything you can do in the kitchen!

Cupcakes by Sarah is on our list of Making Cakes Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse to perform all the actions during the game.