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Deluxe Dominoes

Deluxe DominoesPlaying dominoes is great and perfect for a night of games between friends, especially if the friends are older people who like games more like Board Games, cards and deluxe domino as is the case that we are bringing today. If you enjoy the good old domino game you can not miss this classic that we are bringing today, in the game you will have to play dominoes against the computer, but be careful because the computer is programmed to perform the most difficult moves to leave it, You should try to do the same and for this you have to pay close attention to the details and the pieces that are on the table and also the ones you have in your hands, so you can know the pieces that are in the hands of the opponent and also the Pieces that are hidden on the table.

It all sounds pretty easy, but the game of domino deluxe will require a perfect strategy and reasoning so you can win every game, otherwise it will be difficult to play! For those who do not know the rules of the deluxe domino I will leave some basic and very interesting tips.

Firstly, who starts the game is the computer that will choose a piece of the domino, then you have to play some piece that has the same amount of points of the last one that is in one of the two ends of the board, so the game continues and the computer plays the same thing. After he plays it will be his turn again and if he does not have a piece that matches the game he will have to "buy" a piece of the box. Win whoever finishes the pieces of the hand first, then try not to buy any pieces okay?

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse to place each piece of dominoes on the board.