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Disney Platform GamesThe famous dog Bolt has been called for another mission, since he needs to rescue his friend Penny who was taken by his enemies and who by the way are extremely Hazardous waste. But he will have to face a lot of enemies and so will count on his help to overcome all the steps that exist in the Disney platform games. So prepare your heart for a lot of action and excitement, as each step will bring new challenges and obstacles to be overcome, but as the little dog Bolt is very smart and fast will have many chances to overcome all difficulties.

So agility and precision is the main thing to make Bolt jump over ramps and platforms and as soon as some enemy appears, have the dog push it with his head from above the building, since all the actions of the game will happen in this place. So it is best if you attack before being attacked by enemies, which are very dangerous, but also extremely fast at the time of shooting.

But do not forget to secure your points as well, so just get Bolt to reach the gold coins, which are the bonuses needed for you to continue the next phase of the Disney platform games Scattered everywhere. So show that you're as brave as the Super Bolt and face all the hardships to save Penny and still be the great winner of this adventure game that will be full of emotions from the beginning to the end.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use arrow keys to control the character, \"X\" to jump and \"Z\" to attack