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    About the Game Dragon City

    Dragon CityDragon City is a game of social networks and smartphones, about dragons, that can be played on the PC here on our page. Great success and being among the best games of Facebook, according to the ranking of games of the same, here you must become a Master of Dragons when creating, evolve and battle, for example, with dragons in a list of more than 500 species many different. Another point is that procreation is essential in Dragon City, combining dragons of various elements and types, to shock rare hybrid eggs and other varieties. Unpublished dragons may also appear in procreation events and special islands.

    Another focus of the game is on creating the players' cities, where you must build a dragon city with the possibility of other players to visit you. Unlocking special features such as Ancient World and acquiring jewelry, you train species like Shrine, Ancestral, War & Light, Exclusive and Legendary dragons. You must enter battles of dragons with other Masters in this free game, "flying as high as possible", going the strongest and fastest, to know who will be the best creator of dragons of all.

    Dragon City is on our list of Facebook Games. The best related games are among the most popular Pet City, Elsa Facebook Challenge, Cityville, Cafeland - Connect.

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    Use the arrow keys to control the Dragon.