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Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes Saga is a super fun and new game that has come to destroy, especially for those who like to play by cellphone, online or through Facebook. The developer of the game is the same that created the phenomenal success Candy Crush Saga, now the company is betting strongly on this game that is already total success, but if you have not met you can play it right here on our site, what's up? The game has versions for Facebook where you play online and still versions for Android and iOS, these versions are more complete, but you need a more modern phone to play and not everyone can have is not it?

If you have not played Farm Heroes Saga let's teach you with some important and interesting tips, now if you have already played, just start having fun and take advantage of this great news from our site. To play it is very simple, you need to connect two vegetables, fruits or vegetables the same, they are spread throughout the game and need to be joined without nothing prevents of course.

Connect two or more greens to eliminate them from the game and leave the scenery cleaner, so the game becomes easier and for sure you will be able to complete the phase eliminating everything quickly! TIP: Fruits, vegetables and vegetables need to be attached by a line that can make only two turns, so pay attention before you try to turn them on okay?

Farm Heroes Saga is on our list of Farm Games.


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