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Figures and Words

Figures and WordsToday in Word Games we will bring another great option for those who are in the literacy stage learning about letters and words. The coolest thing of all is that this game is totally online, your child or dad does not need to install anything on the computer and can play from anywhere, just have access to the internet. Teachers can also use the game of figures and words to teach students in playful ways how to form words by joining letters, is not it cool?

The game is very simple and childish, it also serves children who are struggling to learn the Portuguese language or with low grades in school, the game serves as a reinforcement! To play just look at the figures that are in the left corner of the game and try to find the letters that make up the word like, for example, the figure of the ball, you will have to find the letters B, O, L, A and put them in the Certain sequence is clear, otherwise the word will not be formed and you will not be able to win the game.

The level of difficulty is easy, after all it's just four letter words, but it's still fun and exciting, why not start playing kids right now? After playing leave your comments and if you want to play again with other figures, simply press the F5 button or reload the page that other figures will appear in the game.

Figures and Words is on our list of Educational Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Click on the letters and drag to the correct place to form the word