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Fire and Water 2

Fire and Water 2After bringing the fourth version known as Fire and Water 4, today we decided to bring the second version that brings super cool stages to you that already is addicted to this cool game! The missions of the fourth and second versions are very similar, but the scenario is totally different, which will make the game even cooler and better, in the second version there are phases that do not exist in the fourth and see versa! Only a few are alike, especially the first! Another strong point in the game of Fire and Water 2 is the interaction with the characters, you need to be well focused to be able to control the two characters at the same time or simply with different hands, if you control with the same hand at different times, it will be much easier to pass Of phase, now if you want to control the two with different hands it will be practically impossible to pass the stage!

I've already reached the last phase of the game and you? The faster we can finish it, the more points and stars we get, so more stages are released and everything becomes more interesting and attractive, so why not start playing the Fire and Water 2 games online for free right now?

Open gates, change the position of laser beams, take care that the fire does not fall into puddles of water and that the water does not fall into the puddles of fire or that neither fall into the black mud! Worst of all is that there is only one exit in each phase for each character and to open them you will have to discover many secrets, will you succeed? In the first stages of the game an English help is displayed, if you can understand it will be easier to play, but otherwise it is just to pay attention that it will be easy too.

Fire and Water 2 is on our list of Fireboy & Watergirl Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Control the fire with the directional arrows and the water with the keys A, S, D, W.