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Fire and Water 3

Fire and Water 3Those who accompany our website often already know that we have recently added the Water and Fire Games in several different versions and also versions of Fire and Water 2 and Fire and Water 4. To complete the sequence of games today we decided to bring the game of Fire and Water 3, the third version of the saga that won the gamers on call that love our site. The game is completely addictive and tests your keyboard skills to the fullest, your mission is to help the fire boy and the water girl to reach their respective doors which will usually be blocked by something.

While on the platforms you will have to overcome obstacles, open doors, push blocks and activate secret passages, but this will only be possible with the two players who complete each moment of the game. In some moments the fire will have to take some action, while in others it will be the turn of the water to act and help the fire overcome the obstacles. There will be dozens of different phases and it is worth remembering that the fire can not under any circumstances touch the lakes that are by the game and the water can not touch any fire other than the fire boy itself ok?

If this happens, you will lose the Fire and Water 3 game and have to start the whole phase again. The faster you can complete each stage and the more diamonds you accumulate, the more points you will get and the more chances you will release new phases you will have, so why not start playing one more of the Fire and Water 3 games right now?

Fire and Water 3 is on our list of Fireboy & Watergirl Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the fire boy and the keys A, S, D, W to control the water girl.