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Fruit Memory Game

Fruit Memory GamePlaying in Puzzle Games and memory games is one of the best activities for your child to perform in front of a computer or tablet as these types of games stimulate reasoning, concentration and improve various areas of the brain of a developing child. Thinking about what today we decided to bring this fruit memory game, but we do not only have this game of this type, we have a huge category, full of fun memory games and reasoning for children who want to improve concentration and brain as a whole, come on play?

This game is divided into three different phases where you will need to complete the picture with several fruits looking for equal pairs in the shortest possible time, remembering that there is a countdown timer that decreases the time and if it reaches zero you lose the match! Try to find the pairs of fruits and if you can try to make "combos" by finding several pairs of fruits in sequence, without making a mistake, you will gain more points and pass the stage more easily.

The third and last phase is the most difficult, we will have different fruits and even strange, but do not despair, because the time in this phase will be greater and thus you will have more chances to complete the game of fruit memory without problems. I was able to finish all three phases of the game and scored 43,000 points, how many points did you score? TIP: Each time you open a fruit figure try to memorize the position and what fruit is there, so the game will be much easier.

Fruit Memory Game is on our list of Fruit Games.


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