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Games Five

Games FiveHave you played games five? These games are super fun and make you use your thinking to the fullest. Although very simple, the five games bring to the computer screen a different entertainment where you test your power of observation and concentration. The objective of the game is easy, you only have to be able to join five or more balls of the same color into groups that may be on the same line or on different lines, but need to be glued together. You can move the balls around the board remembering that to get through the board you need the space of at least one ball, otherwise the game will not let you continue.

Each time you make a play on the five games, new balls are added, so if you can not eliminate at least the amount of balls that were added in the previous move the game is almost impossible and there comes a time where you can not move any more Balls you need. Enjoy five games and have fun in this super game by creating your own strategy to win, show that you have great reasoning and score many points, then invite your friends and see who is the best in the game.

Games Five is on our list of Puzzle Games.


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