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Games for 18 Years

Games for 18 YearsMoved by the desire to kill people a zombie got an electric saw and went into a hospital where he will try to kill all the patients and staff of the place. And as he is alone in his bloody mission and does not know how to use the saw he will need your help a lot, but for you to help he will have to be at least 18 years old and will have to participate in this Bloody Games that is a game Heavy is only allowed for adults. So if you fit into this profile do not waste time and start helping this living dead kill everyone who passes in front of you in that hospital right now.

You will have to make him walk slowly down the corridors of that place in an attempt to find doctors, nurses, visitors, janitors, and even patients who are doing some health treatment there. And the moment you find one of these people help the same to turn the saw and cut the pieces of that person. Pass the saw on the belly, head, neck, legs, and all other body parts of people who are wandering the corridors of that hospital.

And if you have a mobile such as a table, chairs, drinking fountains and stretchers upsetting the zombie passage, help him use his saw to cut them into small pieces. This way the zombie will kill many people in the 18-year online games for free and you will be entertained for a long time helping him in this macabre and challenging task. And do not forget that this is a Greater Games, so just play the games for 18 years if you're already that age.  4.02 MB.

Games for 18 Years is on our list of Zombies Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      • Moves the character.
      • Activates the chain saw.