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Hunting Words of Geography

Hunting Words of GeographyPlay games are part of the lives of children worldwide, games of this type were not part of the learning process, but with the evolution of technology and techniques that teachers use to trap users to classes games were Introduced in a natural and complementary way to teaching in the classroom. Today we are bringing a very interesting geography words hunter where you will have to show that you know the Brazil map like nobody else, your goal in this hunting words as in any other is to link the letters to form words, only this time we will play with the names Of all twenty-six states and also with the Federal District, but in each play we will have only nineteen states in play that are interspersed so that the game does not become repetitive!

Knowing the states of Brazil is indispensable to play this hunting words Geography and best of all is that if you do not know them very well the game will be a great way to meet them.

Look at the list of states in the right corner of the game and try to find the letters that make up the words in the left-hand maze of letters. The game has three levels of difficulty, the "small" that is the easiest and will have only thirteen states, the "medium" that has nineteen states and the "big" that has all the states and the Federal District.

Hunting Words of Geography is on our list of Geography Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Click and drag the mouse to form the name of the states.