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Jewel Quest

Jewel QuestHobby Games online is guaranteed, as your whole family will have moments of pure fun when you start playing with this classic game of Jewel Quest cracks. Here everyone will have the chance to test some skills such as quick thinking, concentration and observation. And to play with the incredible Jewel Quest Online will be necessary to pay close attention, because in the screen of your PC, will appear several figures of precious stones and gold coins, being that the player will have to mount the greater quantity of cracks, before the limit of Time to finish.

For this it will be fundamental to analyze in which position the stones are, because you will find several different types and they are all mixed as amethysts, tourmalines and even diamonds, that will give you many points if you can get three equals. Once cracks are formed, free thinking games become more challenging as more valuable stones and coins are automatically added to the board and the player will have to be quicker to score points.

Also be very careful not to form cracks wrong, since many stones and coins are very similar and may confuse you during the game Jewel Quest free. So a world of fun awaits you, in this challenging game of thinking, you just have to make certain plays to win lots of points and win your win at each stage.

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