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Labyrinth of the Mônica's Class

Labyrinth of the Mônica's ClassYou who really enjoy watching the cartoons of Monica's Gang and who enjoy the adventures of this galerinha can not miss the opportunity to rejoice even more along with this group taking the Cascão that is lost through a maze until He arrives at the tree house where all his friends are. So do not miss this chance to have lots of fun and select a level of difficulty from the Monica Turma maze games that can be easy, medium, or difficult . If you wish the challenge of guiding the Chest through this maze to be even greater, click the "Enable Challenge Mode" option and your challenge will be doubled.

Also choose the path and start dragging the Cascão through the middle of the labyrinth causing it to enter some places and exit them until you reach the tree house. But do not think that this will be a simple task to be carried out, because it will not be easy to find the exits that will take Cascão to the desired place. So keep your concentration from the beginning of Mônica Games and the best of you when guiding Cascão through the middle of this labyrinth.

And remember also that your time will be computed and therefore be quick in all your actions so that it reaches the treehouse in the shortest time possible. When he gets to the tree, he will be very happy, because he can play with all his class of friends and you will go to the next phases of this game, which will be much harder to pass than the first, but will be Much more exciting and full of new challenges.

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