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Making Truffles

Making TrufflesIf you like to play bowling games you can not miss the opportunity to learn how to make truffles that are really chocolates filled with different flavors that will end up becoming a real fever among children, young people and even adults who love to taste a sweet at any time of the day. And it is due to all the success that this tasty dainty is doing that we have decided to bring the games of making truffles online for free to our site. So if you are one of those chocoholics who loves to eat chocolate do not waste time and start learning how to make this culinary delight right now.

First you will have to put the chocolate that will be used to make the filling to melt in the microwave and when it is well melted mix the butter and beat with the mixer. Take it to the refrigerator, let it cool for a few minutes and remove it so you can separate the marbles with the required amount of the truffle stuffing. Take a spoon, make the chocolate balls and then stick them on a fork so you can dip them inside the bittersweet chocolate that after drying will form the crunchy crust of the truffles.

Let it cool and place the confectionary, grated coconut, peanuts and nuts on top of them to make them look very beautiful. Then the truffles of various flavors like strawberry, traditional, coconut, nuts, brigadeiro and even the truffle of beijinho will be ready to be tasted. If you prefer to call your friends to learn to make truffles together with you through this game of cooking and decorating free online chocolates, so that in addition to you learn to make truffled chocolates you will still have a lot of fun.  779 KB.

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