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Mario Adventure Games - Monolith's Mario World 2

Mario Adventure Games - Monolith's Mario World 2Mario adventure games do not have an age group to play with and have fun, because generally who play with these games is because they like traditional Mario, the one of SNES that we will never forget is not it?!?!? Today we are bringing the version known as Monolith's Mario World 2 with new stages, many more enemies and enemies of all kinds, from turtles to carnivorous plants and murderous ferrets. All the enemies that you have known for several years in the most varied adventures you will find now gathered in a single game that you can play online without paying anything of course!

In this version we will have only six different phases for you to play, but it will not be easy to finish each one of them, because they are very long and difficult, so you will have to put into practice everything you have already learned in Mario games, Phase and continue playing. How about playing right now in Mario Adventure games? Invite your friends to play and reminisce about the old days of Super Mario World where it was necessary to go through several castles and bosses to get through the "world".

This version of Monolith's Mario World 2 works like all other versions of Mario where you need to jump over enemies to kill them except for the plants that you can only kill with Mario's secret weapon, but to conquer this secret weapon you will have That find an orange plant that is hidden inside some of the boxes that Mario needs to break! Arrecadas the maximum of coins is also one of the objects of this game, so start playing now and enjoy this super news here Games 733 !

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      The jump, S shoots and runs faster to make leaps higher, arrows control Mario.