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Mario Game for Mobile

Mario Game for MobileIf you are looking for Mario's Html5 games to play online do not worry anymore, you just found a fun mobile game of Super Mario that besides being played on your phone can also be played on your computer. So live the most incredible adventures alongside this mustachioed little guy right now helping him navigate a scenario that is fraught with dangers and obstacles. Among the biggest dangers he will encounter are the holes between the platforms, the evil turtles and the mushrooms that will be trying to kill our superhero. It will be necessary for you to be fast and agile in all your movements so that you can get him through all these traps without him getting hurt.

So stay alert and focused from the beginning of this great journey and have him walk, run and jump on the platforms in an attempt to get rid of his enemies. But if you want to end the life of Super Mario's enemies try to get him to hit his head on the bricks that are yellow so he can pick up the flowers and mushrooms that will give him powers to grow and serve as ammunition. So he can throw balls at his enemies and he can still jump on each of them to kill them just by crushing them with his own feet.

Not to mention that it will still need a lot of your help to collect all the gold coins that are scattered along the way, because the more coins he collects, the faster you will move on to the next phases of this Mario game. And if you enjoyed adventure with Mario through this game do not miss the opportunity to have fun even more through our Mario Bros games to play free on mobile and the Mario Game for mobile.  2.03 MB.

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