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Mario Mineiro

Mario MineiroAfter many adventures and emotions over the land Mario decided to enter by the barrel literally and now has as his main profession to be mining! He has always thought of getting rich to buy one of the Kopa castles to live with Princess Peach and now that he has just discovered a gold mine this dream is near to being realized, but he will need a little help from you! In this game known as Mario Mineiro you will have to put into practice everything you know about mining, since only then will Mario get enough money to be able to buy a beautiful castle to live with Princess Peach.

At each level you will have an amount of money that you will have to get, the exact amount will be written in "Point" and to pass the stage you will have to get at least that value or more before the time runs out! Remember that Mario Mineiro does not know much about mining, so you will have to be careful not to pick up stones, which are not worth much money and also be careful not to pick up shockwaves or magnets that will make Mario's excavation machine stop.

For a few moments. Try to get the biggest gold coins, as these are the ones that will cost the most money and so it will be easier to win each stage.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse to grab the objects or click \"Grab\".