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Massinha GamesDescription of the game: Manolo is a very curious clay boy and so he always gets where he is not called and that is why most of the time he ends up giving himself a lot of bad, He walked far away from the city and eventually discovered, a huge, closed and mysterious forest. But he soon spotted a big building, which was actually a huge testing lab, where the craziest scientists used to do their experiments. And so the fear began to take care of the little boy, who soon discovered that inside the laboratory there were strange beings and computers connected on all sides. But his curiosity was much greater and so he decided to explore this dangerous and mysterious place, entering all the rooms that were with the doors open.

So in order for him not to get into trouble and not take the risk of being caught by the crazy scientists, he will count on you to challenge all the dangers in the clay games. So focus on your mission, which is to protect the little boy when he passes through the rooms, because in each of them there are traps and strange creatures that can devour him in seconds, since scientists do not feed them correctly , Especially the carnivorous plants that are hungry and eat anything that appears in front of them. But to facilitate this exploration and do this safely, try to devise a game strategy so that you can use objects that will serve to ward off the Machiavellian creatures of the little clay boy and at the same time open secret doors.

In games of clay you will have to have a lot of courage and persistence to get through all eight steps, which will not be easy, but just be smart to find the right objects and thereby facilitate the boy's exit Who is terrified of this situation. So be the hero of the little boy clay and enjoy to play and have fun with this adventure game that promises many surprises for those who have the courage to participate.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse for all the actions of the game