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Mathematics in the Super Market

Mathematics in the Super MarketTo be a good housewife not only know how to cook and wash, it is also necessary that the person be smart and take care of the domestic budget so as not to lack money at the end of the month, so we should practice math in the super market, Because we can compare prices, take advantage of offers and still save money. With this game show that you know how to do the accounts correctly. Just pay close attention to the prices of the products and make the sum.

The purchase price should be exactly the same as the suggested price. You may need to purchase two or more products to get to the exact result. And know that you have three chances to hit, if you pass all the chances and make a mistake, you will return to the beginning of the game. But with so many chances it will be very easy to go through all the stages of the game, so it's up to you, and have a good luck.

Mathematics in the Super Market is on our list of Mathematics Games.


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