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Minecraft 2D

Minecraft 2DMinecraft 2D is a very interesting and classic game where you will play with a very friendly miner who will need your help to find lost treasures, but besides the treasures he will need to find ores to help build new tools, weapons and Items to make the game even better. If you have already played Mine Blocks you should be familiar with all the options and details of the game since Minecraft 2D is very similar to Mine Blocks but with many good news! The graphics of the game are squared or pixelated as in the original version of the game, which leaves everything more fun and exciting. If you enjoy the original Minecraft Games you can play this version that is completely free and online, we will have several goals and missions to fulfill.

The first goals are relatively simple and serve only for you to learn, some of these goals are to open the inventory menu, mine a tree, dig a hole, throw a bow with the bow and arrow, teleport your character and many other things. At the beginning of Minecraft 2D the game seems very simple and bland, but as you create the objects and items you will realize that the game will be much more interesting and of course you will not want to stop playing anymore!?!  6.23 MB.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      • Mine
      • + Click to create new item
      • Open inventory
      • Open your daily tasks
      • Opens help menu to teach you how to build things