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Minecraft Fight

Minecraft FightKnown as Craftfighter, the Minecraft fighting game gained popularity in 2012 when it was released independent of the official Minecraft game platform. The game of fighting has scenarios inspired by the official game, but with characters very funny and totally different from what everyone is already accustomed to see in Minecraft. Unlike the official game where your mission is to explore and conquer treasures, your only mission here is to defeat your opponent in a deadly and fatal fight where in the end only one player will survive and hope it is you!

As soon as you start the Minecraft fighting game you will notice that there are two game modes, the Multiplayer where you can play against a friend that is on the same computer as you, using the same keyboard or in the single player mode where we play against the computer. Some may say that playing against a friend may be more difficult, but I say that playing against the computer is much more difficult since he knows all the blows and their main flaws, so get ready for a lot of adrenaline and start playing Right now the game of Minecraft Fight!

If you want to give more excitement to the game you can use special blows that were inspired by the blows of Mortal Kombat, but for this you need to find out the sequence of keys that need to be pressed, so good luck! An interesting tip to learn all the blows is to play in multiplayer mode and let the second player stop to perform the blows until you hit.  1.22 MB.

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      Dicas de Como Jogar e Passo a Passo (vídeo)

      • Co-skip the fighter 1
      • Attacks with fighter 1
      • Defend with the fighter 1
      • Confirm options
      • Control fighter 2
      • Attacks with fighter 2
      • Defend with the fighter 2