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Mini World Games

Mini World GamesThe Mini World Games have become a fever on the internet between the young and teenage public who travel to various places around the world knowing sights that are postcard of every city around the world. A very interesting game that allows the player to go around the world without leaving home and even to venture into a pickup truck with 4x4 that will lead the player to delirium with climbs, descents and several radical obstacles. If you've always dreamed of playing mini world online, here's your great opportunity to try out this newest online game that is the great sensation of the internet.

Choose which vehicle will be used for touring and then choose which city in the world you want to start your radical adventure. Among some prominent cities are Dubai with its super modern buildings, New York with its usual charm and could not miss the Rio de Janeiro Recently won the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity in the urban cultural landscape category. So make your choices and enjoy yourself enjoying sights and do not forget to pick up items along the way.

Mini World Games is on our list of Car Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Arrows to control the vehicle, \"R\" restarts the game and spacebar to \"nitro\"