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Monica's Adventure - Monica in the Lost World

Monica's Adventure - Monica in the Lost WorldIn this Monica adventure we are bringing today she and her best friends are in trouble as they have landed on a very strange planet full of horrible creatures. Some may even look friendly, but be careful when you get close, because they can take some of Monica's life ok? Surely you will make new friends on this planet, but most of the monsters will be enemies and some will be very ferocious, especially the kingpin that Magali ended up waking up after eating some native berries that were special. Now you have to help Monica in the lost world to do everything to rescue her friends who are completely lost, so look for coins and diamonds that are hidden and win them also whenever you kill some enemy, so whenever you find a store You can buy items to make Monica stronger and maybe even win some lives.

The game of Monica's Adventure is very similar to Mario's Adventure, the game follows the style of platforms and the controls are also similar, but the main similarity is the way to kill the enemies, just jump on their heads! Remember that to get past the stage you have to open the doors and find secret keys that will open the main doors, only then you will be able to help Monica in this thrilling adventure!

Monica's Adventure - Monica in the Lost World is on our list of Mônica Games.


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      Use the arrow keys to play and control Monica through the platforms.