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New Barbie Haircut

New Barbie HaircutBarbie is sick of her present look and decided to go to the beauty salon to make a transformation, after all Barbie loves to make changes, both in her hair and in her clothes. You can help her by doing a new Barbie haircut. The important thing in this game is not to be afraid to dare, so do not think twice and totally change the strings of Barbie. Choose a more modern cut, which can be short or peaked and to make hair brighter, make a few strands. After the cut is done, do not forget to do the makeup, after all, Barbie never leaves without makeup.

So paint the eyes with a very vibrant color and then pass the blush on the cheeks of your face, apply the mascara and finish with a beautiful lip gloss and when the Barbie is ready, invite her to do some shopping at the mall, as a new Visual always asks for a new wardrobe. And once again Barbie will be beautiful and ready to raze anywhere and on any occasion.

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