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Normal Childbirth Games

Normal Childbirth GamesNormal childbirth is one of the most beautiful things of the female nature and it is with normal childbirth that a child comes to the world healthy and with great joy, but sometimes it is necessary to intervene and at this moment that the cesarean is necessary, Usually in cases where there is life threatening to the mother or the baby or even when the mother or the doctor prefers to set a specific date for the baby to be born. Of course cesarean is not ideal, but in the modern world we live in unfortunately is the method most used and contrary to most that today we resolve to bring one of the normal delivery games, where you will have to help this young mother to perform normal delivery , let's start!?

Early in the game we will have to massage the belly for contractions to increase, in addition, the mother will have to walk through the hospital and do various exercises that will stimulate the baby's exit as playing with ball and many other things. After finishing this first step and as soon as the baby is born, we will cut the umbilical cord, sterilize and make the necessary dressings that in a few days it will fall.

We will still have to weigh the baby, measure the size of the circumference of the head and other parts of the body to only give his first bath and wrap it in the towel to enjoy the first moments with Mom! Cool is not it? This is another special game for girls and if you liked the normal birthing games, also enjoy the Game of Cesarean Delivery - Caesarean Surgery and Childbirth Games we have on the site!

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