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One Original

One OriginalDescription of the game: UNO is one of the most well-known card games currently, it has already passed canastra, cacheta and other games with cards in degree of popularity, so if you want to learn to play UNO and do not know how, know that our site Is the best option to learn. Stay tuned for the tips and tricks we will teach, but know that the best way to learn is through practice, so play a lot until you can win, okay? The UNO has well defined rules and they are easy to understand, so that any child over seven years can play it easily, so much so that the Star who is one of the companies that distributes the physical game recommends the game for children From that age.

To play UNO is simple, especially if you are to play One Original as is what we are bringing today. Start playing by discovering who will be the first to cast the cards, then we will draw seven cards for each player, these cards can go from 1 to 9 and besides these we still have the jokers that are special. Among the jokers we have what we can choose the color, which makes the opponent buy 2 cards, which makes the opponent buy 4 cards and choose the color and many others that make the game super fun.

It is important to remember that by default the game follows the clockwise direction, but if someone plays a card that reverses the direction of the game everything changes its place and the game changes direction and the next one to buy becomes the player on the opposite side of the Of the one who threw the letter. In this version of One Original the game obeys all the rules of UNO, so you will have the time to execute each move and of course you beat the one who runs out of cards first!  1.79 MB.

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