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Online Mario World

Online Mario WorldYou who had fun with the game of Super Mario world that previously only existed to be played on Nintendo video games now you can also have fun with the Mario world online version that we have just added to our games page . Through this free online Mario game you will be taken to the world of Super Mario where you will have to help our mustachioed friend to go through the various dangers and obstacles that you will encounter in your way. Among the threats he will encounter will be the evil mushrooms and holes that will appear between the platforms and you will have to be quick and agile in all your actions to get Mario to go through them without getting hurt.

Make him walk and run as fast as he can and help him also jump over each of his enemies to kill them. When they are dead, the path of Super Mario will be free and you can help him continue his journey in order to reach the end of his journey. What will also be of extreme importance will be the fact that you will have to help Super Mario collect all the stars that stand in his way. Not to mention that the same can give heads in the bricks that have a question mark, because in this way it can collect the mushrooms of the good that will serve to help him gain super powers to grow.

And when you think that your adventure with Mario will be coming to an end, there will still be many other challenges that you will have to face, as many more stages will emerge in this free Super Mario Bros game online. In all, there will be 15 challenging stages, and you will only be able to pass them along with Super Mario if you keep an eye out.  1.33 MB.

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