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Online Traffic Simulator

Online Traffic SimulatorBefore you pass the test of traffic simulator and online direction you will have to choose your instructor who will be responsible to accompany you, who might be the charming Jessica, Mr. Bumper, the impatient Johnny or The Lady Lady . After you've made your choice in the car, put on your seatbelts and start the online flash games are ready to go. Know that each driving test will have a different goal to be achieved by you and you will be being evaluated by your instructor or instructor who will observe all your actions and movements that you will make with the car and will depend on the You get your driver's license or not.

Therefore at all times have an absolute concentration and focus to achieve the desired goal in the Traffic Game , the first challenge will be the parking test, where the candidate will have to put the car in the respective vacancy that Is located in the center of the city. Passed by this easy test, the next one will be the Beach Games , which consists of evaluating the control that the future driver has on the vehicle, which means that none of the cones can be overturned, because if this happens the Applicant will not have the right to earn his or her driver's license.

And in the last test of this virtual transit simulator you will have to drive through the streets of the busy city, avoiding to the maximum not to hit another vehicle or in any way. Know that you will have great chances to win your driver's license if you show that you are a calm, patient and intelligent person in this incredible and exciting traffic simulator.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the car and spacebar to brake