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Paper Minecraft

Paper MinecraftPaper Minecraft is a 2D version of the very cool Minecraft game for you to play on your computer. Get ready for a lot of adventure in Steve's world by helping him collect the items he needs to survive. - Start exploring to mine and break the blocks: Find Iron, Diamond and Gold. - Create your own tools: swords to kill monsters, pigs and chickens. Make picks to find Obsidian (stone needed to make the portal). - Build a furnace! With the coal inside it, melt ores to produce your armor.

Build your own house to sleep at night. Include in your residence, bed, torches and a chest to store your food. Use all your skills interacting with the commands to take advantage of all the features. Tip: Type the letter "O" will appear a lot of numbers, copy and paste to save. The next day you can continue playing online from where you stopped loading your PC file.

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      Dicas de Como Jogar e Passo a Passo (vídeo)

      • Move
      • + Spacebar moves items.
      • Attack.
      • Picks selected item.
      • Saves.
      • Pause.