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Pump Drop Game in the Elevator

Pump Drop Game in the ElevatorJorge ate a lot of beans and some tanned onions at lunch today and then had to get the elevator to go back to work, but it turns out that when he was inside the elevator his belly began to swell because it was full of gas. You will be responsible for helping this young man drop all the puns that are standing inside his belly so that he feels relieved. And for you to help this guy who is in trouble, it will be necessary for you to participate in the free-throw game in the free online elevator.

Help Jorge to release puns as quiet as possible, as the elevator will be full of people who will also be going to their jobs. A very important tip so that he can release his puns and no one discovers that he is the author of the strange smell inside the elevator is that you keep an eye on people and if there is a question mark or exclamation mark on their heads, Make George stop farting immediately.

If you do not realize that people are suspecting the same and Jorge continues to fart, people will realize that it is he who is releasing gases inside the place and will end up giving a good beating in him. So concentrate as much as possible and stop him farting at the right time on Peido Games, which are also seen as Funny Games, as Jorge's scenes dropping puns on the elevator are comical and very funny.

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