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Scooby doo car Games

Scooby doo car GamesIf you are fan of the most beloved and adventurous dog of the cartoon and Scooby Doo movies do not miss the opportunity and have fun even more along with it. For this you just have to participate in the free online Scooby Doo car games that we are adding right now to our games site . So be prepared to live a great adventure alongside Scooby where you will have to help yourself to navigate a path full of obstacles on your car. Among the obstacles found in the middle of the path will be the very steep hills, slopes and even huge holes.

You will have to be very quick in all your actions to be able to get this dog to jump with your car over all those obstacles. So focus and help Scooby Doo do high maneuvers in the middle of the lane to drive in the middle of these dangerous roads. Not to mention that besides having to help him take great care of the roads you still have to make him jump as high as possible to pick up the bones and the first aid bags that will be scattered half way.

The more Scooby Doo bones you pick up, the more points you score and the more suitcases they can collect, the more chances you get to turn on the turbocharged car you will have. So help Scooby Doo to step deep into the throttle of your vehicle so that you'll be able to score a great score and move on to the next phases of the Scooby doo Games Free Online Scooby doo Games that are much more challenging than the first, but they are much more exciting.

Scooby doo car Games is on our list of Scooby Doo Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the car and space bar to Turbo.