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Shark Games Getting People

Shark Games Getting PeopleToday is making a beautiful day of sunshine and that is why Jorge decided to go to the beach to enjoy this wonderful day, but it happens that when he was walking on a farm he saw a great shark that Was coming toward him. So go to the shark games that eats people online for free and help Jorge run endlessly over this mill until he reaches the water where he will have to use wooden boxes that are floating to escape this ferocious eater.

You will have to be quick and agile to get Jorge to walk, run and jump on all the boxes and even on some red styrofoam that will also appear over the sea water during his escape. But remember that any slip in this free online shark game can be fatal to George, because if he can not act quickly this killer shark will devour him whole. So hurry up and help this kid jump as fast as he can and if he falls between the boxes, help him get up and run again.

The further you can make it get there, the faster you'll move on to the next stages of this game. So do not fool around and make it run fast and so get to the end of your safe and safe journey from the sharp teeth of this huge predator so that you will move on to the next phases of this free online shark escape game which is an endless adventure .

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to control the character and space bar to \"Jump\".