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Strawberry in the Dentist

Strawberry in the DentistDescription of the game: The visit to the dentist is something that Moranguinho hates, she always tries to make an excuse to escape the injections and treatments that are necessary, because when she was little the Strawberry was traumatized when going to the dentist for the first time and today she Will need your help as a real dentist to lose this fear. There are worldwide dentists for children specializing in children's dental treatment, these dentists already have more knowledge about a child's mouth and also have more care with the child's psychological. You as a real dentist will have to help Strawberry in the Dentist by taking care that all the young girl's teeth are perfect.

She has serious problems with tooth decay, tartar and rotten teeth, so show all her knowledge, ability and concentration to extract and implant new teeth in addition to removing cavities and whitening with products unique to children. Remember that the drill will remove the brown cavities, the sandpaper will remove the orange tartar, the tweezers will remove the black cavities and the brush will do the whitening on all the teeth that are well yellowed! At the end remove the completely black teeth with the pliers and choose the new teeth that will be implanted, when you have everything ready just click on "Next" to know the new smile of Strawberry.

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      Use the mouse to perform all the actions during the game.