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Strawberry pie

Strawberry pieOne of the girl specialties Strawberry Shortcake is your strawberry pie and due to so many requests today it will show you all how to prepare this true delight in this Cooking Games Online - Preparing Dishes . So take your recipe book and start jotting down the following ingredients from the dough that are: a wheat flour, milk, eggs, butter and a little sugar. Then beat all these ingredients in one Mixer and let this process until the batter is well blended. With the batter of Strawberry pie ready, leave it undisturbed, as you will now move on to the next phase of this cake-decorating game, which is the preparation of the filling, with the base being chopped fresh strawberries, condensed milk, Little whipped cream and still icing sugar, which will give the consistency that the filling needs, to stay firm and not drain when you are inside the cake feeling of strawberries.

Are you getting your mouth water? Well, you know that we still have to cover the cake, but rest assured that this is one of the easiest and fastest parts of this recipe , Since you simply put in the blender some chopped strawberries, a little sugar and the cream and so let it beat until it turns a syrup.

Then just throw this fruit syrup over the Strawberry pie , along with some colorful jelly beans that the recipe will be ready. So now that the strawberry has shown all its secrets of your special pie, take advantage to put into practice everything you have learned, making this pie in your house and if you wrote everything right, this cake will be delicious and everyone in your family for sure Will approve.

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