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Strawberry pop Star

Strawberry pop StarEverything you've ever wanted just happened, because Strawberry pop Star came to cheer you on! And since she's making a big hit with her new children's program, she needs to be with her Visual flawless and so he decided to ask for his help to dress her up and change her look from head to toe. So participate in the games of girls and enjoy to do all the wishes of this beautiful and fragrant doll and for this, simply accompany her on a day of shopping with Strawberry, since she is very hesitant when making decisions.

But before she goes to take a walk in the beauty salon of her friend Uvinha, where she will change her hair and make a complete professional makeup, painting the eyes with shadow, to make your face stand out and finally the lipstick that as Always, it should be pink. After you have gone through all these steps in beauty games, it will be time to choose the clothes that should be in several different styles like: basic, social and chic, so look for the options that exist in this free dress up game and find clothes That fit these three occasions.

After assembling all the feminine looks do not forget to choose a beautiful hat, since it is one of the accessories that the Moranguinho doll always uses. Then finalize the production of Strawberry pop Star in the highest style by choosing a beautiful leather bag that is the same color as the sneakers so that it will be ready to shine both on the stage and on the streets of the city, since in each place, it always Will be highlighted.

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