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Strawberry Shortcake Cooking Game

Strawberry Shortcake Cooking GamePlaying with Moranguinho is always very cool, because besides teaching us how to count, read, write, she also teaches us how to cook and prepare delicious cakes with spectacular recipes that only Moranguinho could give us. In this game Strawberry's cooking is in serious trouble, because everything is already combined with her friends to prepare a cake, a pie and cup cakes for a special party and exclusive for all three, but the Strawberry mom does not want to leave her Fiddle with things as dangerous as knives, electric furnace and everything, why you will have to help her prepare the recipes okay? Show that you understand everything about cooking in this game by preparing the most delicious recipes that Moranguinho has ever seen, initially choosing which type of cake to make.

It can be a round cake, small cakes that are known as cupcakes or even a special cake made in a different and much more beautiful shape. After selecting the style of the cake is time to discover the recipe and the way of preparation, however all information is in English, so if you do not understand anything English we suggest you observe the pictures or use the Google translator to leave the game easier. Once you discover the recipe for the cake it is time to separate the ingredients, mix them and go to the second step where you will have to make the filling, filling and put it to bake in the oven.

At this point it is important to observe the time the cake should be in the oven and also the temperature, otherwise the Strawberry cake can burn or end up getting raw, have you thought?!? After this step just prepare the colors to make the cake more cheerful and decorate it, so everything will be ready and the game of Strawberry's cooking will be ready, but will you finally complete all the steps successfully? See the result in the last part of the game and have fun with this great new feature on our site!

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