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Strawberry Vacations

Strawberry VacationsAfter a year of working to get money to fulfill your dreams, Moranguinho decided to take a well deserved vacation in the Caribbean. Now you'll have to help out on Strawberry Vacations so she can find the right clothes to go for a walk. Click on the items that are around the Strawberry to choose your pet, clothing, accessories, hair, bag, hat, earrings and more.

Be quick and assemble all the bag of Strawberry, because your friends are already waiting in the car to start the trip, put together several different combinations so that Strawberry does not repeat the clothes once during the trip ... Have fun too in the Strawberry Vacations, after all ready click on "Done" to see how Strawberry stayed!

Strawberry Vacations is on our list of Strawberry Games.


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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

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