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Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force HeroesAt Strike Force Heroes you will enter an important rescue mission, because on a very distant island, there is a secret research lab in the United States, where thousands of scientists are developing the world's most powerful weapons. But this is very attractive to the enemies and for this reason a group of terrorists has already invaded the laboratory and are eliminating all the people they meet on their way in order to steal the weapons that have already been produced. Now it will be up to you to lead this operation, to save the scientist who is the head of the laboratory, since he knows very confidential information about weapons and bombs.

So show your guts and join forces by facing all the dangers in this online shootout game. In fact the scientist will need your help to guide you and you will have to indicate the safest ways for him to get out of the laboratory safely. However, crossfire will be inevitable and so it is imperative that you keep your weapons well loaded and ready to fire as soon as you spot some strangers approaching in this war game to ensure their points and especially their survival . But you have to be very careful, since you and the scientist will be an easy target if they are seen, so the way is to try to hide anyway, even if you have to squat down and go through the air conditioning ducts.

In this case if you prefer, face the enemies from the front and shoot to kill, being fast in your attack, so that no enemy can escape your sight. Then advance as fast as you can in the game to secure points, so you can move on to the next phase that will be harder but not impossible for you to overcome in the phenomenal Strike Force Heroes free shooting game.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      • Move the character
      • Pokes
      • Look
      • Shoot
      • Weapon exchange
      • Reload weapon