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Sue's Hair Cutting Game

Sue's Hair Cutting GameSue just finished a haircuts course and that's exactly why she decided to open a male beauty salon in her own home. But it turns out she will need a helper to assist you in her beauty salon and so you can help her meet all your customers well you will have to participate in this free online Sue haircut game. Start your jobs as Sue's helper by handing the hair-cutting magazine to Joe who is the first customer to arrive at this salon.

Help him choose the most fashionable haircut this season and bring him to the haircut chair so that Sue can cut them. Take the scissors and start to cut the hair of this boy that besides being blue are very long and full of double ends. After cutting his hair go to the next step where you should use the necessary tool to leave his hair the way he wants.

Choose to use the flat iron, the bobs to curl his hair or just use a brush to make his hair well shivered. Then paint Joe's hair according to the color he chose that could be blond, brown or even very black. Then show him in the mirror how his hair looks beautiful so that he will pay for the services rendered and you will have made the most of it to have fun with the Sue Games.

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