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Super Bomberman

Super BombermanFor lovers of classic games today we decided to bring another great new feature, a super fun game developed initially for Snes and now can be played over the internet without installing anything on the computer! We have brought the Super Bomberman to play through a very interesting Snes emulator, you will play as if you were in front of a real Snes, so what are you waiting to start playing right now? Just like in other versions of Bomberman, in Super Bomberman you will have to destroy and blow all the enemies that are on the platform, but here the difference is that the game does not end when we finish killing the enemies, therefore we will have to find the secret portal that is Hidden behind some of the blocks of the game.

Super Bomberman is an older version of Bomb It that has already been transformed into another classic, so if you want you can know all the versions available on our site in an exclusive page. Show speed, agility and a lot of concentration to get the bombs to explode in the right place and be careful, because if any of the bombs hit you that could be the end of the joke ok?

Another important detail in Super Bomberman is that opponents do not take their lives and in a few cases throw bombs, then it will be easier to win the stages, especially after they can explode with all opponents of the game. The game still has the option to play in 2 player mode, but in the version to play Super Bomberman online this option is unfortunately not available!  1.14 MB.

Super Bomberman is on our list of Classic Games.


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      Dicas de Como Jogar e Passo a Passo (vídeo)

      • Control the bomberman
      • Launches bombs
      • Confirm options and pause the game