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Super Star Strawberry

Super Star StrawberryMoranguinho, who has always been a very pretty and vain doll, decided to invest in her solo singing career, since her voice is very well tuned and beautiful. That's why she signed up for a freshman program, which will showcase her talent for music and even for dance. But beyond your talent in your presentation, your appearance will also score points and that is why Super Star Strawberry will need your help, to put together a complete production worthy of a future star. So show that you are a girl who is connected and updated with the fashion world and make her beautiful from head to toe. So it is important that you know that the Strawberry doll wants to dare in your look and that is why you can even change the color and cut of your traditional pink hair.

For this just choose the cut and the hairstyle and thus select the hair color, which in this game of pop star, appear in five different shades. After the hair, the next step will be to put on a feminine look, which could be with: dresses for girls in pink or plaid, blouses with embroidery or details in lace or stripes and to complete, a shorts or A mini skirt. But it's important that in online dress up games, these pieces match, as the blouses form ready-made sets with the underneath pieces.

With the clothes of the Moranguinho defined, use to separate a beautiful sneaker, along with a pair of well-colored socks, to make the look more cheerful and different. And to close the look of the Super Star Strawberry doll, choose a beautiful hat or a tiara, which is an accessory that will make her more beautiful and fashion. With this she will be ready to go up on stage and so enchant everyone with her beautiful voice, which will surely be very successful, both in the talent of singing and mainly in her beautiful and sophisticated look.

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