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To Paint Strawberry

To Paint StrawberryThere are children's characters that are part of our story and we never forget. How about remembering those little dolls that are cute and smelling like fruit? If you spoke Strawberry got it right. For then they were the most beautiful dolls and had a whole collection of them like grape, orange, peach and banana. Here you go Paint the Strawberry Shortcake. That's right use the magic brush and fill in the spaces of the drawing.

You have at your disposal many beautiful and cheerful colors. Just note that you have three color palettes. The difficult thing is to choose, but if you are in doubt, paint and if you do not like it, delete it and start over, then just print the drawing and use it to put it in your room or even as a notebook cover.

To Paint Strawberry is on our list of Strawberry Games.


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