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Top Gear - Racing Game

Top Gear - Racing GameWho does not remember the classic Top Gear of Super Nintendo? The game was a tremendous success at the time and made many racing lovers spend hours and hours in front of the TV playing, it did not have great graphics or spectacular tricks, but it was one of the best Racing Games of the season and missed many. Today in this game you will participate in a nostalgia session and will have to win all Top Gear race tracks. In order to win the first place you will have to accelerate a lot and use the nitro in a few moments, however you will have to take care of the corners and pay close attention to the other cars so there are no collisions.

Earn money in the game and improve your car to release new stages, change the color of your car and choose to play in Quick Race or Tournament. You can still choose to play during the day, night, rain, cloudy or sunny, so what are you waiting for to have fun in this exciting racing game?

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Arrows control the car, C switches the Nitro and Z / X gear shift.